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Engine Building Fundamentals: Checking for Size and Straightness

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Checking for Size and Straightness


00:00 - In many instances, when it comes to building a performance engine, we'll be relying on reusing some of the existing engine components.
00:07 For example, in a mild performance build, we may be retaining a factory crank shaft and replacing the factory pistons and con-rods with stronger parts.
00:16 If we're performing a freshen-up of an existing engine build, on the other hand, we may be keeping all of the existing components.
00:24 In any case, we want to start by ensuring that the components that we're using are straight and on-size.
00:31 Even if you're using all new components in the engine, it's still essential to actually measure and confirm that the parts are correct and what they're supposed to be.
00:42 It's tempting to assume that new parts will be correct straight out of the box, but more often than not, this proves to be a bad assumption, and it can waste a lot of time, and potentially damage your freshly-built engine.
00:57 While this is work that we can adequately perform in-house with some basic tools and fixtures, many engined-builders may opt to leave this work to their machinists.
01:07 This will involved measuring all of the bearing journals on the crank shaft for size, as well as confirming that the crank shaft isn't bent.
01:16 If the crank shaft passes these tests, then it's suitable for use in the engine.
01:21 Likewise, it's also advisable to confirm that the con-rods are straight, the big ends and small ends are on-size, and the link is correct and consistent across the entire set.

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