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Engine Building Fundamentals: Feeler Blades

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Feeler Blades


00:00 - Feeler blades, or feeler gauges, are a set of small lengths of steel, of precise thickness.
00:06 The thickness of each feeler blade is marked on the material, and they are used to measure the thickness or width of a gap.
00:13 A common use of feeler blades would be to check the end gap of a piston ring, by checking which width feeler blade will just fit between the end gap of the piston ring.
00:23 Feeler blades are also commonly used to check valve clearances by placing the feeler blade between the valve tip and the rocker arm, or alternatively between the cam and a roller rocker.
00:35 Using a feeler blade does require developing a feel for when you have the correct blade for the gap you're measuring.
00:42 There should be a slight friction between the blade and the part you're measuring, but the blade should still be easy to slide through the gap with a gentle push.
00:51 If the feeler blade you're using is too small, then there'll be no resistance at all, whereas if the feeler blade is too large, then you'll find it requires a lot of effort to force the blade through the gap.

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