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Engine Building Fundamentals: Micrometer

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00:00 - A micrometer, or mic, as it's known is an essential tool for any budding engine builder.
00:05 micrometers are precision measuring devices that are able to measure components with exceptionally high accuracy and precision.
00:12 Which is essential when checking the numerous dimensions and clearances in an engine.
00:18 In the imperial scale, it's possible for a mic to measure down to four decimal places, which equates to one ten-thousandth of an inch.
00:26 While in metric, a micrometer may be able to measure to three decimal places, or one-thousandth of a millimetre.
00:34 While there are a variety of types of micrometer available, the type we're most often going to use is know as an outside micrometer, which means that it's used to measure the outside diameter of a component.
00:46 We'd use an outside micrometer, for example, to measure the diameter of a crank shaft journal or perhaps the diameter of a piston skirt.
00:55 The micrometer uses a very fine screw thread to magnify small distances that are too small to easily measure directly into large rotations of the screw that are easy to read from a scale.
01:08 Traditionally, the measurement displayed by the micrometer is read from a graduated scale on the sleeve of the micrometer.
01:14 This can be confusing for those not familiar with reading a micrometer.
01:19 So, an alternative option is a digital mic where the measurement is displayed digitally.
01:25 It's worth noting that you will need more than one micrometer in order to measure a useful range of diameters.
01:31 And digital micrometers are generally a little more expensive than traditional graduated micrometers.
01:38 So it's worth learning how to read the micrometer, which we'll cover in the next module.

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