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Engine Building Fundamentals: Valve Spring Compressor

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Valve Spring Compressor


00:00 - If you're going to be doing any work with the cylinder head, you're going to also need a valve spring compressor, so that you can easily install and remove the valves from the cylinder head.
00:10 There's a variety of options here, including spring compressors that can be used to remove and install valve springs while the head is installled on the engine.
00:19 These valve spring compressors require a steady supply of compressed air to be supplied into the cylinder head, to hold the valves closed.
00:28 When the engine is apart, however, we can now get to both sides of the valve, and we'll typically want a C clamp style valve spring compressor.
00:36 These valve spring compressors feature a large body in the shape of a C, hence the name.
00:42 The lower side of the compressor supports the head of the valve, and the upper side is wound down onto the spring retainer.
00:49 This allows the compressor to straddle the cylinder head casting and get to both sides of the valve.
00:56 C clamp style valve spring compressors will usually have a screw thread that can be used to wind the compressor down onto the spring retainer, until the collets can be removed, allowing the spring and retainer to be removed from the valve.

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