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Ethanol & Flex Fuel Tuning: Conclusion

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00:00 - So at this point you should have a thorough understanding of what ethanol is, how its properties can improve the performance from our engine, and how these properties also affect the amount of fuel that we need to supply to the engine.
00:13 While we don't need to understand ethanol on a molecular level in order to tune an engine running on it, I strongly believe that if we understand what we're dealing with we can do a better job with our tuning.
00:25 When it comes to the tuning processes outlined in this course, these understandably have been generic techniques, that can be applied to a wide range of tuning tasks.
00:35 In this next section we're going to move into worked examples where you'll be able to follow the tuning process through from start to finish, and see the process being put to use on a real car on a real dyno.
00:48 While it's impossible for us to provide worked examples on every possible ECU platform, you will find that there are certain consistencies across a wide range of ECUs.
00:59 This means that the knowledge gained on one particular ECU will often translate quite well to different platforms.
01:07 We will be adding further worked examples over time, and these will be available to you at no additional charge.
01:14 Our forums are also always there for you to ask any specific questions you have once you get started tuning.

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