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Ethanol & Flex Fuel Tuning: Ethanol Fuel System Walk Through

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Ethanol Fuel System Walk Through


00:00 - In this module we're going to have a quick tour of a typical flex fuel fuel system installation using our turbo charged Toyota 86 as an example.
00:09 Now from the factory the Toyota 86 fuel system is a returnless design.
00:14 And initially we still ran flex fuel with the factory fuel system.
00:19 Obviously in this installation we were forced to fit the flex fuel or fuel composition sensor to the feed line to the engine.
00:26 Now that we're chasing slightly higher power levels we've gone through and completely redesigned the fuel system.
00:32 This started with a drop in fuel pump hanger from Radium Engineering, and we chose the Walbro 450 fuel pump.
00:40 Now this is an E85 rated fuel pump so we know that the fuel pump is safe for our ethanol blended fuel.
00:47 We've also fitted new fuel lines to the car and converted to a return style system using a turbo smart manifold pressure referenced fuel pressure regulator.
00:58 Now the line that we've chosen for this particular installation may be a little bit controversial because we're using a Gates rubber based product.
01:07 Now in our own experience we've had zero problems with this hose breaking down using the ethanol blends that we see here in New Zealand.
01:16 However there is also reports of the same product breaking down overseas.
01:22 So of course if you want an absolute fault free installation with zero chance of the fuel line becoming a problem over time, Teflon braided line is a superior product here.
01:33 The fuel feed from the fuel pump forward to the engine bay has been replaced with a larger diameter -8AN line.
01:40 And all of the fittings used for the fuel system are AN fittings coming from Speedflow.
01:46 This includes adaptors to the fuel composition sensor.
01:49 And this ensures that the fuel system is going to be completely leak free.
01:54 With this installation we've fitted the fuel composition sensor to the return line from the turbo smart fuel pressure regulator.
02:01 However given the relatively low power aims for the vehicle, we know that the fuel pump is more than capable of keeping up.
02:08 And this is going to ensure there's always adequate flow in the return line, and in turn this ensures that our ethanol content reading in the ECU doesn't become erratic under these conditions.