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Ethanol & Flex Fuel Tuning: Mixing Ethanol Blends - Practical Demonstration

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Mixing Ethanol Blends - Practical Demonstration


00:00 - In this module we're going to have a practical look at how we can go about mixing ethanol blends.
00:05 Now for our demonstration we're going to mix a 20 litre container of E85.
00:09 So we're looking for 85% ethanol.
00:12 What we've got here is our three containers.
00:14 We've got some 98 octane pump gasoline.
00:18 We've got a container with E100, so this is pure ethanol we're going to use for our mixing.
00:23 And then finally I've got the container that I'm going to be pouring our blended E85 mix into.
00:29 Now any time we are working with fuels, we do need to take some safety precautions.
00:34 We want to really be doing this ideally in a well ventilated room.
00:39 We also want to make sure we're protecting our eyes, in this case I'm going to be wearing some safety glasses.
00:44 And i'm also going to be wearing some nitrile gloves to help protect my hands in case there's any splashes of either ethanol or gasoline that gets onto those.
00:54 In order to do the mixing I've got a five litre measuring container, and I'm also going to be using a funnel to help make sure that we can pour the fuel into the container without spilling any.
01:05 To start with we need to know what volume of each fuel we need in our final blend.
01:10 Just going to be using my calculator here, and remember we're trying to get 85% ethanol, and we're mixing 20 litres of fuel.
01:18 If I enter 20 and I multiply this by 0.85 which is 85%, this tells me that I need 17 litres of E100 in my final mix.
01:29 Obviously with 20 litres in total, this means that there's going to be three litres of 98 octane pump gasoline in my mix.
01:37 But we can just as easily calculate that volume out by multiplying our total volume 20 litres, by 0.15 which is 15%, the other portion, we get three litres.
01:51 So what we're going to do now is pour three litres of 98 octane fuel into our measuring container and then we'll add that to our final E85 container.
02:04 So we've got three litres exactly in our measuring cylinder here, our measuring container.
02:08 Wanna be very accurate when we are pouring this and make sure than we watch the graduated marks so we don't either underfill or overfill the container.
02:15 Now going to add this into our final container for the E85.
02:22 With our gasoline component now measured out and poured into our container, we know we also need 17 litres of E100, so we're going to go through the process now of measuring out 17 litres and adding this into our container.
02:44 So we've completed mixing our 20 litres of E85.
02:47 We've added three litres of our 98 octane pump fuel along with 17 litres of our E100.
02:54 As you can see it is a relatively straightforward process and if you don't have the availability of E85 at the pump, purchasing large quantities of E100 in drums and mixing your own ethanol is a very viable solution.

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