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Ethanol & Flex Fuel Tuning: Introduction

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00:00 - So far in this course we've discussed the fundamentals of ethanol fuel so that you'll have a strong understanding of how the fuel affects the way the engine operates, and how we can take advantage of its properties to improve the engine's performance.
00:14 In this section of the course we're going to discuss the various ways that we can actually account for these properties during our tuning.
00:22 This will of course be dependent on the particular ECU that we're working with, and the way a factory ECU deals with ethanol, fuel or flex fuel is often different to how it's dealt with in a standalone ECU for example.
00:36 It's also important to understand that in the world of EFI tuning, there's often more than one way of achieving a specific aim, so this section will be split up into several modules that deal with different ECUs and different techniques so that you can select the one that's right for your application.
00:55 Flex fuel tuning in particular is a time consuming task that requires a lot of work on the part of the tuner.
01:01 This can initially seem quite daunting if you've never performed a flex fuel tune before, and it's important to have a methodical process that you can apply to the tuning job in order to achieve a finished result that offers good control of the air fuel ratio, ignition timing, boost, and cold start performance regardless what blend of fuel the engine is running on.
01:24 For this reason I'll present a step by step process for each of the tuning techniques that we talk about.
01:30 This means the entire tuning job can be broken up into bite sized portions that give you an easy to follow path.
01:37 If you go through each of the steps in order, this'll make sure you also don't overlook any critical steps.
01:45 You'll notice that if you watch through all of these modules that I'm going to repeat myself several times.
01:50 This is because often there are subtle differences between different techniques, and many of the steps will be a simple repeat of what we've already discussed.
02:00 These tuning techniques will also be reinforced through the worked examples which follow, so you can see the tuning steps being applied to a real tuning job in real time.

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