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Ethanol & Flex Fuel Tuning: 3. Drain Fuel/Fill with Second Fuel

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3. Drain Fuel/Fill with Second Fuel


00:00 - With the tune complete for our primary fuel, the task is now to drain what's left of that fuel, out of the tank and replace it with our secondary fuel, which in this case is going to be E85.
00:12 Now in the case of our VW Corrado race car, this presents a couple of issues.
00:17 The car runs a fuel cell in the boot, and in itself that's relatively easy to completely drain.
00:24 However it also feeds from the fuel cell into a surge tank which has about a 1.5 to two litre capacity.
00:32 This is where the main high pressure pumps draw from to feed the fuel rail at the engine.
00:38 So it's important when we're doing this, to make sure that the entire system is completely drained.
00:44 Once we've done this we can top up the system and run it through.
00:48 What we can see in our Link G4 Plus software, is that our current ethanol content is sitting at about 86%.
00:55 Actually it has been fluctuating back and forth from about 86% to 87%.
01:00 So we're very marginally over our target of E85.
01:04 However that's exactly why we've decided to employ a full flex fuel system in this car, so that the ECU can seamlessly cope with any small fluctuations in the ethanol content.