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How to Degree a Cam: Considerations for Vee or Horizontally Opposed Overhead Cam Engines

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Considerations for Vee or Horizontally Opposed Overhead Cam Engines


00:00 - If you're dealing with an engine with a V configuration such as a V6 or V8, or alternatively a horizontally opposed engine with single or double overhead cams, then the process of degreeing the cams requires a little more work.
00:13 Now we will need to degree both banks of camshafts as they're actuated independently.
00:20 While this adds time to the process, really it's not any more difficult and is simply a rinse and repeat of the process that we've already discussed.
00:28 In this instance we would start on the bank of cylinders that includes number one cylinder.
00:34 We would then degree the cam or cams on this bank of cylinders as described in the six step process.
00:40 This will have the cam timing events correct for this bank of cylinders, and following this we'd need to do the exact same process on the opposite bank.
00:49 This does however require us to reset our degree wheel to find TDC on the front cylinder of the opposite bank of cylinders.
00:59 From here we're just going to repeat the same process that we've gone through on the first bank of cylinders.