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Link G4 Plus Software Tutorial: 4D/5D/6D Compensation

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4D/5D/6D Compensation


00:00 - Another advanced option available with the Link G4+ is the 4D, 5D and 6D compensation tables for both fuel and ignition.
00:09 These tables can be used to compensate the main fuel or ignition table for almost any parameter you want.
00:16 For instance, you could use these tables to compensate for vehicle speed or exhaust gas temperature or engine oil temperature to help safeguard your tuning.
00:25 Let's have a look at how we could compensate the fuel table for vehicle speed to add some additional fuel and remove timing at high speed.
00:34 If we open the ECU settings menu and click on fuel and then fuel corrections, we have the option for 4D, 5D and 6D tables.
00:42 Click on the 4D fuel table option.
00:45 By default, the option is turned off so we need to double click and select on.
00:50 A window will pop up asking if you want to clear the table and set the default axes.
00:54 Click yes.
00:56 We now have a range of options that describe how the table will be activated.
01:00 The option you choose will depend on what you want to achieve but you can have the table always active or to become active when a digital input is switched.
01:09 In this case we want the table to be always active so we're going to select always on.
01:16 If we go back to the ECU settings menu, the 4D table will now be visible.
01:20 Double click on it to access it.
01:23 Now we're going to configure the table axes to suit what we want to achieve.
01:27 We're going to change the X axis to wheel speed and set the sites to suit.
01:32 We only want to compensate the fuelling when the engine is under high load and high speed so we'll leave the Y axis set to TPS.
01:39 Clicking apply will make the changes to the table and we'll be asked if we want to interpolate the new table numbers.
01:46 In this case the table is empty so we can click no.
01:51 Now we can make the adjustments we want.
01:52 In this instance we want to add 10% more fuel above 200 km/h and 70% throttle.
01:59 We can simply highlight these zones and make the required changes.
02:03 Note that the 4D, 5D and 6D fuel tables make a percentage change to the main fuel table.
02:11 At the same time we may want to remove some ignition timing.
02:15 We can do this by setting up a 4D ignition table with the same axis.
02:19 In this case we're going to remove four degrees of ignition timing above 200 km/h and 70% throttle.
02:26 Note that the 4D, 5D and 6D ignition tables work in degrees not percentage.