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Link G4 Plus Software Tutorial: E Throttle

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E Throttle


00:00 - The G4+ ECUs also have the ability to control engines equipped with e-throttle.
00:06 If you have a G4+ Xtreme then you can purchase the code to unlock the onboard e-throttle feature or alternatively, you can use the external e-throttle module as you would with a G4+ Storm.
00:18 We're going to go through the setup procedure for e-throttle here.
00:22 For safety, e-throttle systems use a pair of sensors on both the throttle and foot pedal to ensure the signal output is reliable.
00:31 This requires analog inputs to be configured for a foot pedal main and foot pedal sub at the driver's pedal and throttle position main and throttle position sub at the throttle body.
00:42 Motor plus and motor minus auxiliary outputs also need to be configured to move the throttle plate.
00:50 If we head to the ECU settings menu and click on electronic throttle, we can start by selecting e-throttle setup.
00:57 The first step is to set the e-throttle mode to setup mode.
01:01 A warning will tell you that no safety systems will function and not to drive the car under any circumstances.
01:08 Press OK.
01:10 Next we can click on the TP calibration parameter.
01:14 Follow the on screen prompts and the ECU will automatically calibrate the throttle plate.
01:20 Once this is complete the box will confirm that the setup was successful.
01:24 Next click on the FP calibration parameter.
01:28 This will calibrate the foot pedal and you'll need to move the pedal through the range of travel before clicking OK.
01:34 Once these parameters are configured, you'll need to configure the frequency and deadband.
01:38 These are dependent on your throttle body.
01:40 Contact your local Link dealer for settings to suit your application.
01:45 There is also an adjustment for FP sub which can be used for some e-throttle systems where the FP sub input stops before the FP main parameter.
01:54 This is mostly found in Toyota and Lexus engines and needs to be set at the maximum level the sub parameter reaches.
02:02 The last setup we need to do is to adjust the PID settings.
02:06 We can get to these settings through the electronic throttle menu here.
02:10 Again these settings are dependent on your throttle body and your local Link dealer will be able to advise on the correct numbers to suit your application.
02:18 Once all the setup changes have been made, you need to go back to the e-throttle setup menu and change the e-throttle mode to on.
02:25 This reinstates the safety parameters.
02:28 Now your e-throttle body should be functioning correctly and we can tune the e-throttle target table.
02:33 This lets us adjust the target throttle opening based on foot pedal position and RPM.
02:39 This lets the power delivery of the engine and the feel of the throttle response to be adjusted to suit your preference.
02:46 If you want, you can also choose up to three separate throttle target tables and set a different throttle target response for each.