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Link G4 Plus Software Tutorial: Gear Cut Control

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Gear Cut Control


00:01 - Gear cut control can be used in motorsport applications to provide clutchless shifting.
00:06 This can improve shift speed and consistency.
00:08 To allow for gear cut control, we need a digital input wired up to the ECU and configured as gear cut.
00:15 This could come from a micro switch or a digital strain gauge in the gear lever.
00:20 To access the gear cut control we need to open the ECU settings and click on motorsport and then gear cut control.
00:28 If we click on gear cut control this will open the main setup screen.
00:33 Before we go too far we need to turn the mode to on.
00:37 This will give us access to the remaining parameters.
00:41 First we need to configure the channel used to activate the gear cut control.
00:45 This is the digital input connected to our gear lever or micro switch.
00:50 Cut mode can be set to timed or not timed.
00:54 In timed mode, the cut length will be based on the gear cut period table.
00:59 If you choose not timed, the gear cut will remain active as long as the digital input is in the on position.
01:07 Maximum cut time defines the maximum cut length.
01:11 This acts as a limit on the cut length in case the gear cut signal remains active.
01:17 Next we have RPM and throttle position activation points.
01:21 These can be used to prevent a gear cut occurring at idle or low load when we don't want it.
01:27 Cut level defines the amount of ignition cut applied as a percentage.
01:32 This number needs to be set high enough to allow the gear change to occur.
01:36 Typically this will be between 90 and 100%.
01:40 Cut level exit rate defines how quickly engine power is reintroduced.
01:45 This can be used to take some of the shock out of the gear shift.
01:49 Higher numbers will reintroduce engine power faster and a number of 100 effectively removes the cut instantly.
01:58 In some situations you may also want to retard the ignition timing when the gear cut is active to reduce engine torque.
02:05 Typically this would be set between zero and -20°.
02:11 Ignition retard exit rate defines how fast the ignition retard is removed.
02:16 Again, this can be used to smooth the gear cut.
02:19 If it's set to zero, retard is removed instantly.
02:24 Fuel enrichment allows a percentage of additional fuel to be injected during the gear cut.
02:30 This can be used to help stabilise the air/fuel ratio as the gear cut is removed.
02:35 This works in conjunction with the fuel trim exit rate.
02:38 This is expressed as percentage of fuel trim that is removed per engine cycle.
02:44 Typical numbers here would be between 5-25%.
02:49 If you selected the timed cut mode, you will also need to adjust the gear cut period table.
02:55 This table gives a gear cut period in seconds for each gear.
02:59 This can be helpful if some shifts in the gearbox take longer than others.
03:04 If you're not using gear detection, just set every cell to the same value.
03:10 Setting the gear cut period needs to be done carefully as a delayed cut which is too short can do serious damage to your gearbox.
03:18 It's always preferable to start with a delay that is too long and gradually shorten it.