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Link G4 Plus Software Tutorial: Fuel Equation

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Fuel Equation


00:00 - Next we have the fuel equation which defines the load input for the fuel equation.
00:05 The fuel equation is a calculation that goes on in the background of the Link ECU and changes the fuel injector pulse width based on engine load.
00:13 The most common mode is load equals map where the injector pulse width is manipulated based on manifold pressure.
00:20 Basically if we double manifold pressure, then injector pulse width is also doubled.
00:25 This mode is suitable for most engines and results in a pretty flat fuel map.
00:30 For heavily modified engines that don't provide consistent manifold vacuum, we can choose load equals BAP.
00:37 In this mode, the ECU ignores manifold pressure and instead uses the onboard barometric sensor to give automatic compensation for changes in barometric air pressure.
00:48 If you're using load equals BAP, then you would usually select TPS as the load axis for the fuel table.
00:56 Lastly we have load equals MAP over BAP crossover.
00:59 This is a combination of the other modes that uses barometric pressure correction until the engine sees positive boost pressure.