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Link G4 Plus Software Tutorial: Master Fuel

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Master Fuel


00:00 - The master fuel number needs to be selected based on the size of the injectors fitted to the engine and this can be used to make coarse adjustments to the air/fuel ratio everywhere.
00:10 This number represents the injector pulse width generated with a number of 100 in the main fuel table and 100 kPa manifold pressure before any compensations are applied.
00:21 This number needs to be selected to provide good resolution in the main fuel table.
00:26 If the number is too small, we will run out of numbers in the fuel table, while if the number is too large, the numbers in the fuel table will be very small.
00:35 As a rule of thumb, adjust the master pulse width until you are seeing maximum of around 70-80 in the main fuel table.
00:43 This needs to be set before tuning the engine as any changes to this number will affect the air/fuel ratio.
00:49 Below the master pulse width we have a master fuel trim which allows us to apply a positive or negative trim to the entire table.
00:56 This can be used to make finer adjustments to the air/fuel ratio than we can make using the master pulse width.
01:02 It's a better practice to make across the board adjustments like this in the main fuel table by selecting the entire table and applying a percentage adjustment.

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