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Link G4 Plus Software Tutorial: Openloop AFR Table

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Openloop AFR Table


00:00 - The next option we have is the open loop AFR table which is often misunderstood.
00:06 Using this function gives two advantages.
00:09 Firstly the fuel table will end up being a lot flatter and secondly if the engine is tuned correctly to the target AFR numbers we can then make changes to the actual AFR the engine is operating at by simply adjusting the targets in the table.
00:23 The ECU does this by applying a compensation to the injector pulse width, based on the numbers in the AFR lambda target table.
00:31 We can access the AFR lambda target table as usual through the settings menu.
00:36 If you want to us the open loop AFR function, make sure the AFR targets in this table are realistic.
00:43 You will then want to tune the fuel table so the measured AFR matches this target table.
00:48 Skipping ahead a little, we also have the open loop AFR overlay table.
00:54 By default this is turned off.
00:56 If it is used, it allows an extra dimension to adjust the AFR lambda target table based on a user definable parameter.