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Link G4 Plus Software Tutorial: Connecting to an ECU

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Connecting to an ECU


00:00 - So we have the PC Link software installed and you know a little bit about how to find your way around.
00:06 Now we need to connect to an ECU so we can actually do some tuning.
00:10 Let's start by connecting the tuning cable to your ECU.
00:13 If you have a plug in ECU there will be a short adaptor loom plugged into the PC board.
00:18 Connect your tuning cable to this and plug the other end into an unused USB port on your laptop.
00:25 If you have one of the wire in Link G4+ ECUs, then you need to plug the cable into the tuning port on the ECU case.
00:32 This is the top port when you're looking at the end of the ECU and it can be identified by the orange band.
00:39 If your ECU is communicating to any other serial devices such as a display link through the CAN port, you need to disconnect this device before you can communicate to the ECU.
00:49 When you plug into the ECU for the first time, the device drivers will automatically install.
00:54 This can take a minute or so and when complete you will see a pop up box saying your device is installed and ready to use.
01:01 Now you can open the PC Link software by double clicking on the icon.
01:05 Make sure the ignition switch on the car is on and the ECU is powered up.
01:09 You can connect to the ECU by pressing F3 or clicking on the connect/disconnect icon here.
01:15 You should see the status bar on the top right corner change from offline to online and it should turn green.