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Link G4 Plus Software Tutorial: Keyboard Shortcuts

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Keyboard Shortcuts


00:00 - PC Link lets us totally configure every aspect of the ECU but once the initial setup is done you will need to actually tune the fuel and ignition tables.
00:09 To help speed up the tuning, there are a number of keyboard shortcuts to help you navigate around.
00:14 These are really valuable and it is worth spending some time getting familiar with them, it will save you a lot of time in the long run.
00:21 I'm going to talk about the main shortcuts that you will tend to use every time you're tuning.
00:26 There is no right or wrong way to use PC Link and as you get accustomed to using the software you may find other shortcuts that you like to use.
00:34 For a full list of the shortcuts, you can click on keyboard shortcuts in the drop down help menu here.
00:40 We have already seen one of the most common shortcuts which is the F3 function key which connects or disconnects to the ECU.
00:49 You can also make use of the F4 key to store the current changes into the ECU and the F2 key to save the map to a file on your laptop.
00:58 If you press the F2 key to save your map, PC Link will initially prompt you to enter a file name.
01:04 After naming the file, continuing to press F2 will write to the same file.
01:09 Remember here that if you don't store your changes, they will be lost if you reset the ECU.
01:14 When we are tuning, one of the most common tasks is to swap between the fuel and ignition tables.
01:20 You can do this quickly by pressing F for fuel or I for ignition.
01:25 Once we have selected the table we want to adjust, we can press the space bar to jump to the active cell.
01:32 This is the cell that the ECU is currently using.
01:35 A little later on we'll look at some more keyboard shortcuts that specifically deal with how we enter numbers into the maps.
01:42 If we make changes to the map, the cells we have changed are marked blue.
01:46 This lets us keep track of which cells have been altered.