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Link G4 Plus Software Tutorial: Onscreen Help

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Onscreen Help


00:00 - One useful feature with PC Link is the built in help file.
00:04 This help file is very extensive and covers just about every function and setting in the ECU.
00:09 You can access the help file in a few ways.
00:12 If you want to search for general help, you can bring up the help file by pressing F1 or choosing contents from the drop down help menu at the top of the screen.
00:21 There are a few ways of finding information but the easiest option is to click on the search tab and enter a key word.
00:28 Say you want to find information about setting idle speed control.
00:31 If we enter the keyword idle and press enter, a list of all topics that include the word idle will pop up.
00:39 You can then look through the options and select the one that best fits by double clicking on it.
00:43 On the right hand side the information file will pop up relating to your selection.
00:47 Often there will be links within the help file that you can click on for further information.
00:53 Another way you can access help information is by going to the menu or function you want and then pressing F1 or right clicking and selecting what's this.
01:02 This will take you straight to the relevant help file.
01:06 Lastly you can add a help browser window onto your laptop screen.
01:09 if we head back to the config page you can see we already have this browser view set up.