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Link G4 Plus Software Tutorial: Runtime Values

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Runtime Values


00:00 - While we're talking about shortcuts, I want to spend a little time talking about the run time values window, as you'll be making use of this regularly.
00:08 Pressing either R or F12 will open up the run time values window which is valuable for fault finding, diagnostics and testing.
00:17 You can see when we open the window that there are various tabs across the top.
00:21 We can navigate between these tabs by either left clicking on a tab or using the square bracket keys to move between them.
00:30 These tabs will open a specific set of run time values to show us exactly what is going on while the engine is running.
00:36 For example here in the fuel tab, we can see just about every parameter relevant to the fuel delivery.
00:42 One way you could use this tab is to check what fuel trims are active at a particular time or to see what the fuel trims are doing during a cold start.
00:51 When we are setting up an ECU on an engine, the triggers and limits tab is one of the most valuable sources of information we have.
00:58 In the left panel, we have trigger data which shows us the current RPM and rate of RPM change.
01:04 Next we have limit data which shows us where the RPM and MAP limits are set.
01:10 In the trigger status panel we can see the status of the two trigger inputs.
01:14 These will be green if the ECU is receiving a reliable signal.
01:18 Below this is the trig one error counter, this will tell us if the ECU is seeing triggering errors.
01:24 In this last panel we can see the status of all the limits in the ECU.
01:28 This tab is one of the first places to check if you're having problems with erratic running or misfires.