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Link G4 Plus Software Tutorial: Updating Firmware

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Updating Firmware


00:00 - The firmware is the code that tells the ECU how to operate and what to do with all of the inputs and outputs.
00:06 From time to time the engineers at Link will add new features, provide support for new engines or supply bug fixes through a firmware update.
00:14 Updating your firmware is easy, the firmware is included with PC Link so the first job is to download the latest version of PC Link as we've already seen in the module, downloading and installing PC Link.
00:27 One you've installed the software, you need to connect to the ECU and go to the ECU controls menu.
00:32 Click on update firmware and a new box will open.
00:36 In the top left of the window you'll be able to see which versions of firmware are available.
00:41 As you install newer versions of PC Link, you will still be able to roll back to older versions of the firmware if you want.
00:47 Click on the latest version of the firmware and you will see a note on the right that tells you which version you're upgrading from.
00:55 Next you need to click on the read notes first button.
00:58 This will open a document which highlights any important changes since the last firmware update.
01:04 It's important to read this document thoroughly as some firmware updates will require you to make changes.
01:10 Once you've read the notes, close the window, you can now press the upgrade button.
01:14 A box will pop up asking you to confirm you've read the notes, click yes.
01:20 A firmware updater box will now open, reminding you that you may need to configure any new features once the update is complete.
01:28 It is worth remembering that updating firmware is not recommended on the day of a race meeting.
01:32 Sometimes issues will occur that need some time to work through.
01:37 If you are happy, click yes to proceed.
01:40 A status bar will show the progress as the firmware is updated.
01:44 The update normally takes 20 to 30 seconds.
01:47 Once complete you will be prompted to cycle the power to the ECU.
01:50 Do this and press OK.
01:53 A box will open to confirm your upgrade was successful.
01:57 To make sure you always have the most advanced and up to date ECU, it is recommended to regularly check for updates.