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Link G4 Plus Software Tutorial: Using the Menus and Searching

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Using the Menus and Searching


00:00 - Now that we have a basic idea of what the software looks like, we're going to look at how to access the menus and tables we need to get an engine tuned.
00:09 Let's start by looking at the tuning page and we'll have a look at the ECU settings menu.
00:14 You can see here on the left side of the screen we have an ECU settings tab.
00:19 This is the menu that we use to access the majority of the different functions and features when we're tuning.
00:25 To maximise room on the screen, the menu automatically hides when it isn't needed.
00:30 If we click on it, it pops out or we can also access this menu by pressing the escape key.
00:36 Let's have a look at it now.
00:38 At the top of the menu you can see we have three icons and a search box.
00:43 You can view the ECU settings menu in different ways depending on your preference and what you want to do.
00:49 The first icon shows all of the settings and tables in the Link G4+ in collapsable menus.
00:56 Basically, everything that is adjustable is laid our for you.
00:59 By double clicking any of the bold menus, a sub menu opens and we can navigate around to find the table or parameter we're looking for.
01:08 The menus are grouped together in a logical order, covering configuration, fuel, ignition, inputs, outputs and so on.
01:17 Moving back to the top of the menu, the second icon looks like a grid and clicking on this will show us only the tuning tables rather than every parameter.
01:27 This is a great way of navigating around just the tables and you can quickly see what is available.
01:33 The third icon will list every parameter and table in alphabetical order.
01:37 This isn't a feature you'll use too often because if you know the name of a table or function but you aren't sure where to find it, the search box is a really fast way to get there.
01:47 Just start typing the name of the table you are looking for and the list below will populate with options.
01:54 You can then select the option you want by clicking on it.
01:57 Let's say we want to get to the intake air temp fuel correction table.
02:01 If we just start typing fuel, you can see that it pops up here.
02:06 Clicking on the table will display it in our tuning page and we are ready to start making adjustments.
02:13 Alternatively we could have accessed it by going through the menu structure and clicking on fuel, then fuel corrections and then on IAT fuel trim table.