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Link G4 Plus Software Tutorial: Limiter Setup (RPM / Boost)

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Limiter Setup (RPM / Boost)


00:00 - The G4+ has a number of safety limits to help protect your engine.
00:04 These include RPM limits, MAP limits, speed limits, and two general purpose limits that you can configure however you want.
00:12 It's important to make sure that any limits you want to use are configured before you begin tuning.
00:18 This will help prevent potential engine damage if something goes wrong during the tuning process.
00:24 We're now going to look at setting an engine rev limiter in a little more detail.
00:28 We can access the RPM limit settings by opening the ECU settings menu and clicking on limits and RPM limit.
00:36 We will start by looking at the RPM limit settings.
00:40 First of all we have the RPM limit mode.
00:43 This defines what the ECU will do to control engine speed.
00:46 Options are off to disable all limiting, ignition percent cut which will cut spark, fuel percent cut which will cut injection and rotary only where fuel and ignition are removed together to provide a softer RPM limit on rotary engines.
01:03 Next we have the advanced mode option.
01:06 By default this is turned off and the ECU uses default limiting setting which are adequate for most situations.
01:12 We will deal with the advanced mode settings a little further through the course.
01:17 By clicking on the RPM limit table we can access a 2D table of RPM limit versus engine coolant temperature.
01:24 This lets us set desired RPM limit at different coolant temperatures to prevent excessive engine RPM during cold engine operation.
01:32 The engine RPM limit has a soft cut and a hard cut function to prevent the RPM limit exceeding the target.
01:40 By default there is a 200 RPM window between the soft cut and hard cut activation.
01:46 The hard cut activation however happens at the RPM limit's set point.
01:50 This means the engine will actually start soft limiting 200 RPM earlier.