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Link G4 Plus Software Tutorial: Trigger Setup

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Trigger Setup


00:00 - Once we have set the basic configuration we still need to tell the ECU what trigger information it can expect.
00:07 The trigger information refers to the inputs it receives from the crank or cam sensors on the engine.
00:13 Most manufacturers have their own special triggering techniques and the Link G4+ is pre configured to accept factory trigger patterns from most popular engines.
00:23 Alternatively it can also be set up to use a variety of custom trigger setups.
00:29 Press the escape key to access the menu and type in trigger and select the option labelled trigger setup.
00:37 If we double click on the trigger mode option, a window will pop up with the available trigger modes.
00:43 If we scroll down we will get to the option for Mitsubishi Evo 7-9.
00:48 Highlight this option and press enter.
00:52 When using one of the built in trigger modes, the trigger one and trigger two inputs will be automatically pre configured to suit so we don't need to adjust anything else at this point.
01:03 If you require a custom trigger setup, the G4+ can work with most popular sensor and trigger patterns.