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Link G4 Plus Software Tutorial: Engine Cooling Fan

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Engine Cooling Fan


00:00 - Now we're going to configure an engine cooling fan.
00:03 As with the fuel pump, we need to use a relay to control the fan and we've wired this to auxiliary two.
00:09 The process is very similar to what we just did for the fuel pump.
00:12 Access the EU settings menu and then choose aux two.
00:17 Double click on function and select engine fan from the drop down menu.
00:21 We now have a few options that are specific to the engine fan output.
00:26 The polarity is the same as for the fuel pump and again should usually be set to low.
00:31 We then have the on temperature which is reasonably self explanatory and then hysteresis.
00:35 The hysteresis prevents the output from cycling on and off when the engine temperature is at the switch on point.
00:43 Once the fan switches on, the temperature must drop by the hysteresis value before it can switch off.
00:49 The default value is two degrees and this should be adequate.
00:53 What this means is that if we have an on temperature set to 94°, and the hysteresis is 2°, then the engine fan will turn on when the temperature reaches 94 and turn off when it drops to 92°.
01:06 Lastly we have the RPM zero time out.
01:10 This is the amount of time the ECU will let the fan run for if the ECU is still powered up by the engine isn't running.