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Link G4 Plus Software Tutorial: Fuel Pump Output

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Fuel Pump Output


00:00 - Let's start with the fuel pump control.
00:02 The G4+ cannot directly run the fuel pump so instead we us the ECU to control a relay.
00:07 For our example, the fuel pump relay is wired up to auxiliary output one.
00:12 If we press escape to access the ECU settings menu, and then type aux, we will see a list of the available auxiliary outputs.
00:21 Click on aux one and then double click on function.
00:24 A drop down menu opens up and we can select fuel pump.
00:28 It is worth noting that when initially configuring auxiliary outputs, we can select test on to force the output on and test the circuit.
00:37 Test PWM will provide a pulse width modulated output suitable for testing pulsed outputs such as boost solenoids or cam control solenoids.
00:47 Once we have selected fuel pump, a couple more options become visiable.
00:51 Firstly we have the polarity of the output.
00:54 This selects whether the output channel will go to ground when the output is on or off.
01:00 This depends how the circuit is wired and usually should be set to low.
01:04 We also have the prime time which defines how long the fuel pump will run for when the ECU is powered up.
01:11 This allows the fuel system to gain pressure before the engine is started.