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Link G4 Plus Software Tutorial: General Purpose Outputs

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General Purpose Outputs


00:00 - As with the analog inputs, PC Link offers a lot of freedom with the auxiliary outputs and we can use them to control just about anything we want.
00:08 There are a number of pre configured outputs but if none of these suit your needs, you can use a general purpose output.
00:14 Let's look at setting up a shift light as an example.
00:18 We will start by going to the ECU settings menu and choosing aux three as the output we want to use.
00:24 We need to select a function and in this case we are going to select GP output from the drop down menu.
00:31 We want the shift light to switch on based on engine RPM so we only need to use one of the available switch conditions.
00:37 This means we want to switch logic to be set to condition one only.
00:41 We need to set switch condition one to RPM greater than and then we can set the switch on point to whatever RPM we want.
00:49 In this case 7200 RPM.
00:52 If you want the output to turn on based on more than one parameter, we can change the logic function to suit how we want the output to work.
01:00 Now we want to set the switch off timer to prevent the shift light from flashing on and off at the switch on point.