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Link G4 Plus Software Tutorial: Digital Inputs

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Digital Inputs


00:00 - Digital inputs differ from an analog voltage or analog temperature input as they are either on or off.
00:06 Normally these provide a switched input to the ECU.
00:10 Let's look at how we could set up a clutch switch.
00:13 If we access the ECU settings menu and click on digital inputs we can see a list of all the available digital inputs.
00:20 For this example we're going to set up a clutch switch on digital input four so we need to click on this.
00:27 If we double click on function, a list of available options will pop up.
00:31 In this case we have a pre configured option for clutch switch so we're going to select this.
00:37 Alternatively we could have used a general purpose input.
00:40 Firstly we need to select the type of switch that is connected to the input.
00:45 Our options here are toggle switch or momentary switch.
00:49 We're going to select toggle switch.
00:52 Next we need to turn the pull up resistor on or off.
00:56 The pull up resistor is used if we have a switch that connects to zero volts.
01:00 The pull up ensures that when the input is not connected to ground, the voltage will be high.
01:05 If the pull up was not turned on in this situation, the ECU would not be able to distinguish between on or off.
01:12 Our clutch switch is connected to zero volts so we need to turn the pull up on.
01:15 The on level defines if the digital input will be on when the input is at the high voltage or the low voltage.
01:23 Again this will depend on the switch input we're using.
01:27 In our case, the on level will be low as the switch connects to ground when the clutch is engaged.
01:33 Last we have the active edge.
01:35 Some digital inputs will switch when the input changes state.
01:38 Falling will switch when the signal goes from a 12 volts to zero volts.
01:44 Rising will switch when the signal goes from zero volts to 12 volts.
01:48 Here we will select falling edge as we want the input to turn on when the clutch is first engaged.
01:55 We can bring up our run time values display and click on the digital inputs tab to watch the clutch switch function.

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