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Link G4 Plus Software Tutorial: Engine Temp Setup and Calibration

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Engine Temp Setup and Calibration


00:00 - Next we're going to configure an analog temp input for engine temperature.
00:04 This process is mostly the same as configuring an analog voltage input, however we're going to select AN temp one.
00:12 Double clicking on AN temp one will open a drop down menu showing the available options.
00:17 We're going to click on engine coolant temp.
00:19 Now we can select the sensor type.
00:22 Double clicking will open the drop down menu and we can choose the correct sensor from the list.
00:27 In this case we're using a Bosch standard NTC sensor.
00:31 The G4+ also gives us the option to turn off the internal pull up resistor which is useful if you're installing the ECU in a piggyback installation.
00:42 Once we have set up our engine coolant temp sensor, it is a good idea to check the coolant temp displayed by PC Link and make sure that the value is sensible.