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Link G4 Plus Software Tutorial: General Purpose Inputs

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General Purpose Inputs


00:00 - The inputs we have covered are just some of the usual inputs we would need to run an engine.
00:05 PC Link offers a lot of freedom to configure any spare inputs to do almost anything you want.
00:10 Fuel pressure, oil pressure, or wideband inputs can all be configured.
00:16 You can also select custom calibration tables to cope with any unusual sensors that aren't included by PC Link.
00:25 Let's look at an example where we set up a wideband input and use a custom calibration table.
00:30 We are going to use analog voltage 10 as this input so we can access this through the ECU setup menu.
00:37 Next we need to select the input we want to use.
00:40 In this case we will call this input lambda one.
00:43 Now we can choose the calibration for this wideband input.
00:47 We have the option of using a normal linear calibration or a 2D calibration table if our input is non linear.
00:54 In this case, our input is linear so we will choose cal four.
00:58 Now need to enter the calibration data into cal four to make sure our lambda input is accurate.
01:04 Press escape to open the ECU settings menu and then start typing cal.
01:09 This will bring up all the cal tables available.
01:12 Click on cal four.
01:15 First of all we need to change the units.
01:17 Double click on the units and choose lambda.
01:20 Now we need to enter the calibration data.
01:22 This will come from the manufacturer, however in this case, the lambda sensor provides an output of 0.5 lambda at 0.5 volts and 1.5 lambda at 4.5 volts.
01:34 We just need to enter these values as the relevant input and output values.