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Link G4 Plus Software Tutorial: MAP / TPS Setup and Calibration

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MAP / TPS Setup and Calibration


00:00 - For our example here, we've wired a GM three bar manifold pressure sensor or MAP sensor to the analog voltage one input.
00:08 Setting this up is very easy.
00:10 If we access the ECU settings menu and click on analog inputs, we will see a list of all the analog inputs to the ECU.
00:19 Click AN volt one and the settings for this input will pop up.
00:23 By double clicking on the box here, a drop down menu will open, allowing the type of input to be selected.
00:30 In this case, we're going to double click on MAP sensor.
00:34 Now we need to choose a calibration to tell the ECU what sensor we're using.
00:39 Double click on MAP sensor type and choose the sensor from the drop down list.
00:44 In this case, we're going to scroll through and double click on GM three bar.
00:48 You will see a window pop up telling you to perform a MAP sensor calibration.
00:53 Click OK.
00:55 Now if we go up to the ECU controls menu, you can see we have an option here to perform a MAP sensor calibration.
01:02 This process matches the MAP sensor output to the current barometric pressure.
01:07 Click on this and the ECU will automatically calibrate the MAP sensor.
01:12 A box will pop up telling you that the calibration was successful.
01:15 Click OK to close the box.
01:18 Now we're going to move onto the throttle position sensor or TPS which is wired to analog volt two.
01:25 Following the same method we used for the MAP sensor, we can select AN volt two from the drop down menu.
01:31 Select TPS main.
01:33 TPS sub is for engines equipped with electronic throttle bodies so we don't need to worry about this.
01:40 Once we have set up the input as a TPS, we need to perform a calibration.
01:44 We do this from the same drop down menu where we did the MAP sensor calibration.
01:49 Select TPS setup and follow the on screen instructions.
01:53 First you need to go to full throttle and press enter then closed throttle and press enter.
01:58 Once you've calibrated the TPS, I like to check that it is spanning smoothly and correctly by watching the bar graph display as you move your foot through the TPS travel.
02:09 Once we've configured any analog voltage inputs, we can confirm they are working and reading correctly by pressing R to bring up the run time values display.