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Link G4 Plus Software Tutorial: Using the Surface Plot

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Using the Surface Plot


00:00 - While the fuel and ignition tables are tuned by entering numbers into the relevant maps, it can be easy to make a mistake by entering a number that is too high or too low.
00:09 For example entering in eight instead of an 80.
00:12 It can also be easy to miss one incorrect number when you are just looking at a 3D table.
00:17 To help get a better view of the shape of your map, the surface plot is a great feature.
00:22 This is displayed to the right of the numerical table and lets you see your map visually.
00:28 Using the buttons to the right of the surface plot. we can zoom in, zoom out and rotate the map until we see any specific area of interest.
00:36 Alternatively you can hold down the right mouse button while hovering over the surface plot and drag it around to change the view.
00:43 You can also view the surface plot with or without a colour gradient, flip the load axis upside down or even view it as a 2D slice of your map if you prefer.