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Link G4 Plus Software Tutorial: Importing and Exporting Tables

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Importing and Exporting Tables


00:00 - Occasionally you may want to copy an entire table from one place to another.
00:04 This may be from another map into the current map you're working on or you may want to copy a fuel map from fuel table one to fuel table two for instance.
00:14 Doing this manually can be pretty slow so the PC Link software gives you some options.
00:20 If you right click on the table you want to copy a menu will pop up.
00:24 Scroll down to the import/export heading and you will have four options to choose from.
00:29 You can export to the clipboard or to a file.
00:32 The clipboard is useful for quickly moving data around between different maps.
00:37 If you close PC Link however, the data on the clipboard will be lost.
00:41 If you have a particular map or table that you think you want to use in the future, you can save it to a file.
00:47 This makes it easier to quickly add that table into a new map.
00:50 This is handy for tables such as injector dead time values that you will use frequently.
00:56 Once you have the map saved you can then go to whichever map you want to copy to.
01:01 If you right click again, you can choose to import from the clipboard or from a file.
01:06 This will copy the table data as well as the axes information.
01:10 Another option for copying the information from one table to another is to select the entire table and then use control plus C and control plus V to copy and paste.