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Link G4 Plus Software Tutorial: Making Block Changes

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Making Block Changes


00:00 - So far we've been talking about editing individual cells.
00:03 Often though, we can speed up the tuning process by editing multiple cells at the same time.
00:09 We can select the cells we want to change by holding down the shift key and using the arrow keys to move around.
00:15 You can see the selected cells are surrounded by a blue border.
00:19 You can also select entire rows or entire columns by clicking on the row or column heading.
00:26 You can also select the entire table by clicking in the top left corner of the table here.
00:32 Once you've selected a block of cells, we can manipulate them the same way we did with the individual cells.
00:38 We can directly enter a value, use the Q & A keys to increase or decrease them or use maths.
00:45 We can also highlight an entire vertical or horizontal row and hold down the control key to copy the row.