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Link G4 Plus Software Tutorial: Making Changes to an Individual Cell

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Making Changes to an Individual Cell


00:00 - To make changes to a cell we have a number of options.
00:03 We can directly enter a value by just typing it in and pressing enter like this.
00:08 You can see a box pops up where the new value is entered and if we press enter the value will be changed.
00:14 More often though we will want to adjust the value in the cell.
00:17 And to do this we use the Q key to increase or the A key to decrease the value.
00:23 If you prefer, the page up and page down keys perform the same functions.
00:27 This is really powerful when you're on a dyno.
00:30 You can sit in a single cell and use the Q or A key to quickly adjust your fuel or ignition.
00:35 Once you know your way around the keyboard, you can do this without taking your eye off the dyno screen.
00:40 By default the Q & A keys will make small changes of 0.1 to the number in the cell.
00:47 If you want to make larger changes then you can hold down the shift key when you press Q or A to make a coarse change of 0.5 to the number.
00:55 If you prefer, pressing the caps lock key will swap this operation so that Q & A make coarse changes while holding down the shift key will make fine changes.
01:04 When you are tuning an engine from scratch you may end up making quite dramatic changes.
01:10 And to save time, you can quickly copy these changes through to the surrounding cells.
01:15 There are a couple of options here.
01:17 By holding down control and pressing the F key, the value from the current cell will be copied across the row to the right.
01:24 This is called copy forward.
01:26 Another option is to hold down the control key and use the arrow keys.
01:30 This will copy the current cell in the direction of the arrow key you're pressing.