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Link G4 Plus Software Tutorial: Using the Cross Hairs

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Using the Cross Hairs


00:00 - When you are making tuning changes to the fuel and ignition maps, it's important to make sure that you're in the centre of a particular cell before making a change.
00:09 This is because the ECU will constantly interpolate the actual value it is using from the surrounding cells.
00:14 So if you're not in the middle of a cell, the resulting ignition timing or fuel pulse width can be swayed by the surrounding values.
00:21 When the engine is running a convenient cross hairs will follow the active cell around the map showing which cell the ECU is accessing at any time.
00:30 Before making changes, it's important to ensure that the cross hairs are centred on the cell you want to adjust.
00:36 The cross hairs will show you very accurately if you are centred on the cell or overlapping with an adjacent cell.
00:42 Use the cross hairs and the dyno to make your tuning more accurate and repeatable.
00:48 While the cross hairs are great for steady RPM or load tuning, another feature we can take advantage of during a ramp run on the dyno is the snake trail.
00:56 This is a red snake that follows the cross hairs around the screen.
01:00 This is a handy way of seeing which cells the ECU moved through as the engine accelerated.
01:06 We have two options with the snake trail which can be accessed by right clicking on the map and selecting snake trail.
01:12 You can turn the snake trail on or off by clicking on the snake trail visible or by using the comma hot key.
01:19 In this mode the snake trail will gradually fade out over a few seconds.
01:24 If you want the snake trail to remain visible, you can select snake trail paused or use the full stop hot key.