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Link G4 Plus Software Tutorial: Using the Quick Trim Function

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Using the Quick Trim Function


00:00 - There are a few ways of making changes to the numbers in the fuel table.
00:04 To speed up the tuning process, the G4+ includes a handy quick trim function that will trim the numbers in your fuel table to achieve your target air/fuel ratio.
00:13 To utilise the quick trim feature, it is best to set your AFR lambda target table to your desired air/fuel ratio before tuning.
00:21 If there is a discrepancy between the measured air/fuel ratio and the target in a particular cell, we can use the quick trim function to correct the number in the fuel table and achieve our desired air/fuel ratio target.
00:34 The quick trim function can be used by going to the cell that you want to change and pressing the M key or by right clicking and selecting quick trim from the drop down menu.
00:44 A box will open which shows the RPM and load value of the particular cell we're changing.
00:49 Next we have the target air/fuel ratio value which is taken straight from the AFR/lambda target table.
00:56 If the axis of the fuel table and the AFR lambda target table don't match, then you'll need to enter an AFR target load value which tells the ECU which part of the target table to use as the load reference.
01:09 In our example here, the AFR lambda target table has manifold gauge pressure as a load axis.
01:15 The fuel table we are adjusting however has throttle position as the load axis.
01:19 In this case the ECU doesn't know where it should reference in the AFR lambda target table so we need to tell it by entering the load value we want to use.
01:29 If the target AFR and fuel tables have the same axes values, this option will not be visible.
01:36 Next we have the target AFR value taken from the AFR target table.
01:40 While this number is automatically entered, if for some reason you decide you want to run a different air/fuel ratio, you can set your desired ratio by changing this number.
01:50 Lastly there is a box where you enter the measured AFR value from either a wideband or a dyno.
01:56 Once you've done this, pressing OK will apply a change to the number in the fuel map to reach the target AFR.