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Link G4 Plus Software Tutorial: Configuring Onboard Datalogging

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Configuring Onboard Datalogging


00:00 - With ECU logging, we can control exactly which parameters are logged, what situation the logging will start and stop and at what rate each parameter is logged.
00:09 This makes sure you are only seeing the information you are interested in and maximises the use of the onboard logging memory when you are not logging to a laptop.
00:18 The logging setup window can be accessed by clicking on the setup logging option from the drop down logging menu.
00:25 You can see another window open up with tabs for both PC and ECU logging.
00:30 Let's have a look at a few of the options by configuring the ECU logging.
00:34 First we have the default logging rate.
00:36 This is the default rate that each parameter will be logged at although we can change it for individual parameters if we want.
00:43 I'm going to choose 25 hertz.
00:46 Sampling inputs at excessive logging rates isn't necessary and will just use more logging memory.
00:52 Typically logging rates between one and 25 hertz will be adequate for most inputs.
00:59 To the right we have the control conditions to start and stop the logging.
01:03 You may want to use a switch for the driver to turn logging on or off or you can set some parameters for the logging to turn on and off automatically.
01:11 I'm going to set the logging to switch on any time RPM exceeds 3000 RPM and stay active for 10 seconds once the RPM drops below this threshold.
01:21 To the left is the full list of available parameters and we can double click on items we want to log.
01:28 These will then be transferred over to the logged parameters window on the right.
01:32 Let's add engine RPM, throttle position, engine temperature and manifold pressure.
01:37 You can see that we can change the logging rate to the right of the parameter.
01:41 I'm going to drop the rate for engine temperature to two hertz as this parameter doesn't tend to change very fast.