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Link G4 Plus Software Tutorial: Starting / Stopping the Datalogging

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Starting / Stopping the Datalogging


00:00 - When you are connected to an ECU, you can start and stop the PC logging by pressing the F8 key or alternatively you can click the small record button in the top menu bar.
00:10 There is also a status at the bottom left of the screen which lets you know when the PC is logging.
00:16 It is important to understand that there are two types of logging the G4+ can do.
00:19 PC logging logs directly to your laptop while ECU logging will log to the internal memory and doesn't require the laptop to be connected.
00:27 The F8 key only controls the PC logging.
00:31 We will look at ECU logging shortly.
00:34 If we're recording multiple log files during a dyno session, only the most recent log will be displayed in the main logging window.
00:41 Your previous logs are not lost though and you can select them by going to the log file manager box here.