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Link G4 Plus Software Tutorial: Using Datalogging to Aid Tuning

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Using Datalogging to Aid Tuning


00:00 - One of the advantages of data logging is to let you very accurately make changes to your tune.
00:05 On the road or even on a dyno everything happens very fast and it can be difficult to keep track of the parameters you need to watch.
00:14 Data logging allows you to make a pull on the dyno or a pass on the racetrack and then analyse what happened in a less stressful environment.
00:23 One of the valuable additions to the PC Link data logging is the logged value crosshairs which show you what cell the ECU is accessing at any point in the data log.
00:32 This can be very useful if you want to narrow in on a particular area of the log file and find out exactly where the ECU is accessing in your map at the time.
00:42 You can use this function by clicking on any point in the log file and then jumping back to the tuning page.
00:48 You will see a pink crosshairs visible on the map that shows where the log file was accessing at the time.
00:55 By jumping back and forth between the logging page and the tuning page, it's easier to quickly navigate through the areas of the map that are of interest to you or need changes to be made.
01:05 If you have some extra space on your laptop screen, you can also add a time plot on your main tuning page so that you can view the log file and the tables at the same time.
01:16 You can do this by right clicking and selecting time plot.