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Motorsport Fabrication Fundamentals: Dirty Spaces

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Dirty Spaces


00:00 - The fabrication process can sometimes get extremely noisy and dirty and a lot of this is caused by cutting and grinding tools like the angle grinder.
00:08 Unfortunately for the clean freaks, no matter how many tools we have in the workshop, it's inevitable that the grinder will need to be used on a regular basis so having a dedicated dirty space is a great idea if you can manage it.
00:20 These spaces could be considered the opposite of an engine building workshop's clean room in that they keep the dirt and noise in instead of out.
00:28 The point of our dirty space or ideally dirty room is to isolate the grinding dust and mess and contain it in one area.
00:36 If you don't have anything like this set up and you regularly cut steel, this grinding dust can eat into anything it lands on as the moisture in the air rusts the metal particles.
00:46 Because a dirty room is isolated from the main workshop, it also contains a lot of the noise from the grinder which if you live in a residential space and like to work after hours, can be an essential part of being able to do what you want when you want, without annoying your neighbours.
01:01 When using this area for heavy grinding, we need to equip ourselves with a face mask and the correct PPE like a face shield, eye protection, cotton overalls or an apron and ear protection.
01:12 Keeping this area isolated means that cleaning up after a big job is much easier as you only need to sweep out the room instead of the entire workshop.
01:21 By minimising the cross contamination of steel particles on everything in the workspace we can confidently work with a range of materials without compromising our results.
01:31 This is particularly important if you're also intending to weld aluminium as it's very sensitive to contamination from steel particles.
01:39 In motorsport fabrication, this level of cleanliness can make a huge difference to the quality of our work.
01:45 As discussed in the last module, in many ways with our own workshop layout, our fabrication room serves as a dirty space since it's separated from the rest of the workshop.
01:54 The downside with this however is that we open ourselves up to the potential of cross contamination between materials, particularly alloy.
02:02 This is one of those situations where compromise is the name of the game and you can't always have the perfect scenario.
02:10 We can take steps to guard against cross contamination though by simply keeping our alloy materials separated from our ferrous materials.
02:17 Understanding the implications and potential downsides of the decisions you're making allows you to get the best from your chosen layout.
02:25 Keeping a clean and organised workspace as well as having a spot for everything will save you a lot of time when it comes to finding the right tool for the job.
02:33 A workspace should be something you're proud of and look forward to using.
02:37 A well designed and functioning shop can be inspirational and motivate its owner to knuckle down and get the job done.

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