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Motorsport Fabrication Fundamentals: Introduction

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00:00 - I'm Andre from High Performance Academy and I'd like to welcome you to our Motorsport Fabrication Fundamentals course.
00:06 If you're involved in just about any form of motorsport, or perhaps you're just considering some modifications for your street car, fabrication is usually an important part of achieving your desired aims.
00:18 Many enthusiasts we deal with are more than happy to roll up their sleeves and get involved with many of the parts of their project build, from wiring, through to engine building and even tuning but fabrication is often something that they think is beyond them.
00:32 In truth, as you'll see through this course, motorsport fabrication is not inherently difficult or scary.
00:40 It simply requires the right knowledge, equipment and an understanding of the practical skills and the processes involved.
00:47 It also doesn't require a large investment in equipment and a few basic tools are more than enough when you're just getting started.
00:54 We believe that motorsport fabrication is completely within the reach of most home enthusiasts provided you've got a bit of patience and an eye for detail, and this course is here to help.
01:05 Regardless of what motorsport discipline you're interested in, the skills, tools and techniques remain largely the same and everything you learn within this course is going to be 100% applicable to your own projects, whatever they may be.
01:20 By gaining these skills and adapting your techniques to your particular application, you'll be able to expand what you're able to do in the home workshop and in turn, you can greatly improve your vehicle's performance regardless whether that's on the road, the racetrack or on a forest trail.
01:36 The vast majority of vehicles that we modify, rolled off the production line engineered for comfortable road driving and it's important to understand that your vehicle's original design will usually have little to do with optimal performance.
01:50 Admittedly, some vehicles are more suited to the racetrack than others but regardless of what your starting point is, there's almost always areas that we may want to adjust, improve or replace altogether and that's where motorsport fabrication comes in.
02:05 This can be an immensely enjoyable and satisfying way of improving the performance and functionality of our vehicles.
02:12 Developing and mastering these skills can also save you thousands of dollars that you might normally expect to pay to a professional fabrication shop and gives you complete control over the finished product as well as the timeframe.
02:25 It's important for me to mention here at the start of this course that I'm not a master fabricator myself.
02:31 You might be wondering then why I'm here, presenting a course on motorsport fabrication, which is a fair enough question.
02:37 What we've done is leant heavily on the skills and experiences of several industry leading fabricators, both from New Zealand and around the world and we've distilled their decades of knowledge and presented it within this course.
02:50 As we move through the course, we'll be sharing their experience and recommendations as we discuss specific techniques, tools or aspects of the fabrication process.
03:00 This gives you the benefit of learning a wider set of skills as we leverage the specific areas of expertise of these fabricators.
03:08 Given my own involvement in the industry over the years, this also puts me in a good place to present this course.
03:14 I've dealt with fab shops who we've relied on for parts for our projects.
03:18 I've employed in house fabricators and I've also rolled up my sleeves and got busy on the TIG torch myself from time to time.
03:25 While I don't claim to be an expert, what this experience has allowed me to do is ask the right questions and present the information that I know is vital to anyone wanting to get started with fabrication.

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