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Motorsport Fabrication Fundamentals: Overall and Aprons

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Overall and Aprons


00:00 - An important part of fabrication PPE is overalls or coveralls, which are designed to slip over our regular clothes and offer us an increased level of protection to both our body as well as our everyday clothes.
00:12 It's important that our overalls should fit well and offer complete coverage.
00:17 Your overalls will be subjected to repeated exposure to grinding sparks, ultra violet radiation and weld spatter and therefore they need to be made of spark resistant cotton instead of the more common polyester blend which can actually be flammable, exactly what we don't want.
00:33 A subtle but important consideration with overalls is the number of pockets offered.
00:37 Experience tells us that you can never have too many pockets and these are handy for containing rulers, scribers, pens and anything else you might need to have close at hand at all times.
00:49 Your phone for example for those all important Instagram updates.
00:52 Even with a good quality pair of cotton overalls, these will end up being damaged if they're constantly being exposed to sparks from close range which is common when we're doing a lot of cutting with an angle grinder.
01:03 To offer you more protection and extend the life of your overalls, a handy addition to our protective equipment is a fabrication apron.
01:11 These are typically made from leather and are thicker in their construction than cotton overalls.
01:17 These can be worn over our overalls to offer a greater level of protection when grinding, or simply over our normal clothes for light duty tasks like the assembly process.
01:26 Again, it's very important that the aprons we choose for fabrication are not made from polyester to protect ourselves against fire risks.

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