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Motorsport Wheel Alignment: Adjustability in a Stock Car

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Adjustability in a Stock Car


00:00 - One of the issues when it comes to modifying a standard road car to make it perform better at the racetrack is that often we won't have the range of adjustability built into the stock suspension that we're going to need.
00:11 As production techniques and manufacturing technology has improved, we're actually seeing less and less adjustability being provided and often in a modern car, the only adjustment we can make is to the front and rear toe.
00:25 This all comes down to cost savings on the part of the manufacturer, as it's cheaper to make a suspension component with a fixed geometry than it is to make one with adjustability built in.
00:36 Even if you're lucky enough to have a car which has adjustable camber for example though, it's unlikely that this is going to provide sufficient movement for our purposes in a motorsport application.
00:47 This obviously presents a bit of a problem and we're going to need to address this before we can get our alignment how we need it.
00:54 Fortunately though, provided you're dealing with a car that's popular for modification, you're going to almost certainly be able to purchase a range of products to correct alignment issues or provide the necessary range of movement.
01:06 These products could include aftermarket suspension arms, camber adjustable strut tops, eccentric bolt kits or roll centre and bump steer correction kits.
01:16 Before we can decide what to spend our money on though, we really need to know where the limitations are in stock form so that we can address these areas and get the best value for our money.
01:27 The obvious place to start here would be to find out what your stock alignment settings are right now and then to check and see how much adjustability your suspension may have.
01:36 From here, you can make adjustments and see what range these adjustments fall into.
01:41 This is the trial and error method and particularly if you're dealing with an unusual car or one that's very new, you've probably got little option but to figure these things out for yourself.
01:50 If on the other hand, you're dealing with a well developed car that's popular for motorsport use, there's almost certainly going to be a wealth of information on where the factory limitations are as well as what products you're best to use to fix these limitations.