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Motorsport Wheel Alignment: Camber Ajustable Strut Tops

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Camber Ajustable Strut Tops


00:00 - Since one of the most common adjustments we're going to make to our wheel alignment is to the camber, it should go without saying that we're going to need a quick and easy way to make these adjustments.
00:09 If you're dealing with a car that uses a MacPherson strut suspension design, then the most common way of doing this is with a camber adjustable strut top.
00:17 In essence, these strut tops allow us to move the strut top closer to the centreline of the car which in turn will give us more negative camber.
00:25 While there are strut top designs that use an offset bush to provide camber correction, these are not adjustable and therefore are relatively limited use for our purposes.
00:36 The more common option is to use a two piece adjustable strut top design which incorporates a flat alloy plate that bolts into the stock strut location in the chassis.
00:46 This alloy plate has a series of slots machined into it that allows the actual camber adjustment to be made.
00:53 This is achieved by sliding the other part of the assembly which bolts to the strut inside these slots.
01:00 Obviously we don't want the camber strut top to move after our adjustments are made so usually a set of cap screws are used to lock the strut top in our desired location.
01:10 Depending on the specific car you're working with and how much camber you want to run, you may find that camber strut tops alone are not enough to get you where you need to be.
01:19 Particularly if you're also going to use the strut top to provide some castor correction too.
01:25 In this case you can also add an eccentric camber bolt to the bottom of the strut in order to get the right result.
01:31 If you've got a car that uses a double wishbone suspension system.