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Motorsport Wheel Alignment: Camber & Castor Gauges

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Camber & Castor Gauges


00:00 - One of the most frequent adjustments you'll make is to the camber on your car, so obviously we need a way of accurately measuring the camber in the first place.
00:07 There are a variety of products available now to do this and fortunately they don't need to cost the earth.
00:14 I've even tried a $5 app for my iPhone which delivered surprisingly good results.
00:19 I probably wouldn't rely solely on your iPhone for setting your caster and camber but the app is call iAlign if you want to check it out.
00:27 Within the variety of products available in this segment, we have gauges that are only designed to measure camber and then ones that can be used to measure both camber and caster.
00:37 If you want to measure caster though, you'll need a turn plate or slip plate with degree markings which we'll cover shortly, since you'll need to rotate the steering a specific amount to take the caster measurement.
00:48 Further breaking these products down, they're available as bubble gauges, where we need to read a bubble against a calibrated scale, kind of like a builder's level.
00:57 And then we have digital gauges where we can simply read off the number.
01:01 For the most part, caster isn't something we'll be measuring and adjusting that frequently so often for simplicity we can get away with just a camber gauge and my favourite style is the digital gauge that fits in an alloy frame that we can hold against the rim.
01:16 There's not a lot of technology involved and these products are now relatively affordable.
01:21 The frame will generally have two legs that contact the edge of the rim although and optional plate can be attached to the base with additional legs that help stabilise the frame on the rim, giving more consistent results.
01:33 These legs can also be easily adjusted to suit different rim diameters, as well as to calibrate the gauge to start with.
01:41 You can also purchase magnetic mounts that locate on the hub or wheel and hold the gauge.
01:47 This style of gauge is perfect if you have a flat ferrous platform in the centre of the wheel that you can conveniently attach it to.
01:53 However in many cases with alloy wheels and hubs that don't protrude through the wheel, mounting of this style of gauge can be problematic.