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Motorsport Wheel Alignment: Multi Link

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Multi Link


00:00 - Multi link suspension design covers a wide range of suspension systems, so we do need to be a little careful about how we define the term.
00:07 While a multi link suspension design could technically refer to the location of a live rear axle with a three link or four link trailing arm system, for our purposes we're going to consider live rear axles independently in an upcoming module.
00:22 Therefore, we're considering the term multi link to refer to a specific rear suspension design as used on many independent rear suspension systems.
00:31 This will normally consist of three or four arms that are used for lateral location and toe control, along with a trailing arm used for longitudinal location.
00:40 The advantages of a multi link suspension design are very similar to double wishbone in that it provides a lot of flexibility to the designers in terms of camber control and roll centre location.