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Motorsport Wheel Alignment: Disclaimer

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00:00 - Before we continue with this course, it's important to understand that altering the wheel alignment of your car will affect the way the car handles or responds to driver input.
00:10 Obviously we're aiming to improve handling or response however it's equally possible that some changes may prove to be worse than stock and this can result in a reduction in grip levels or adverse handling characteristics.
00:23 For this reason, it's critical to have a full understanding of the likely implications of any change you're making and it's also essential to start out slowly when you're making a change and build up speed while you're assessing the effect of that change, deciding if its effect has been positive or negative.
00:41 An aggressive wheel alignment that improves performance on the racetrack may also prove to adversely affect tire life if you perform a lot of open road driving.
00:50 If you're not prepared to sacrifice your tire life then you will need to have regular wheel alignment changes made depending whether you're driving on the street or the track, or alternatively accept compromises in your performance.
01:02 While it should go without saying, making alignment changes to your car will also require you to loosen and tighten key suspension components that are critical to the safety of your car.
01:12 Failing to correctly tighten any of these components that you've worked on can result in the loss of control of your car and this could result in injury or death.
01:22 If you're not comfortable with making changes yourself then we strongly suggest you leave your alignment to a wheel alignment specialist.
01:29 In this case, the information in this course will still provide you with essential knowledge so that you can choose a suitable specialist and get the best results from their services.