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Motorsport Wheel Alignment: Introduction

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00:00 - The car we're using for this worked example is a series 6 RX7.
00:04 The car is still road registered and while it's certainly not daily driven, the focus of the car is still very much to keep it streetable.
00:12 While it does get the occasional outing on track, we want it to be closer to a street car than a track car.
00:18 So in this case, we want to go a little more aggressive than the factory settings to still make sure we can have some fun on track, but not so much that the car becomes impractical on the street and is too hard on its tyres when being driven around at normal speeds.
00:31 This model of RX7 has double A arm suspension in the front and a multi link in the rear.
00:36 Although the rear suspension essentially acts as a double A arm suspension, this is a great suspension layout for any high performance car.
00:44 This car itself has a fair bit more power than factory at around 400 horsepower.
00:48 It's also got an Endless big brake kit with upgraded discs, callipers and pads on the front and upgraded brake pads on the rear.
00:56 It's got some aftermarket wheels with Bridgestone Potenza RE002 255/35 18 inch tyres.
01:04 Suspension wise, the car is close to stock with the only change being a set of BC Racing coilovers.
01:10 The adjustments we have available to us are adjustable camber and toe at all 4 corners, caster adjustment in the front and well as coilover length and ride height thanks to the aftermarket coilovers.
01:22 The camber and caster adjustments on the front axle are made by eccentric bolts on both inner points of the lower control arm.
01:28 On the rear, we can adjust the camber by adjusting a single eccentric bolt on the inner point of the lower control arm.
01:35 As a reference, here are the factory wheel alignment specifications which are given as a range.
01:41 Front caster between positive 6 and positive 7.25 of a degree, front camber between negative 0.4 and positive 0.5 of a degree and front toe between 0.5 mm toe out and 1.1 mm toe in per side.