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Motorsport Wheel Alignment: Step 4: Decide on Required Changes

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Step 4: Decide on Required Changes


00:00 - Step 4 is to decide the settings that you want.
00:03 The settings you choose will depend on your starting point.
00:06 If your car has already been set up and running for a while, you're likely to be basing your setup on the set down values.
00:12 Maybe you're going to evolve your setup from where it's currently set to make some handling tweaks, or maybe you just want to set it back to the exact same settings and this alignment is more of a small tidy up instead.
00:24 For this car, as it's the first proper setup it's had, we're starting from a blank canvas.
00:28 But as it's more of a road car, that gets the occasional run on track, we can use the stock settings as a reference at least.
00:35 We're going to go a little more aggressive than the stock settings without going crazy.
00:39 As we still want good tyre wear and for the car to be comfortable on the road.
00:43 The targets we're going to go for are 6.5° of positive caster and 1.5° of negative camber with the toe straight ahead at 0 mm for the front axle.
00:54 On the rear, we're going to target 1.5° of negative camber and toe in of 1 mm per side.